Nota de Prensa: cinta transportadora bloqueado


Düren/Ellen. Sabado por la manana, la cinta transportadora principal en la mina Hambach fue bloqueado. 4 personas tuvieran sus muñecas vinculados uno al otro en tuberias de acero en grupos de dos. La operacion de los 3 excavadoras de carbon fue bloqueado por unas horas.

La cinta transportadora transporte el lignito a la estacion de tren conectada. Desde alli, el lignito es transportado a los centrales eléctricas via el tren, llamado el „Hambachbahn.“ Las policía técnicos primiero deconstruyeron la cinta transportadora para llevar las activistas al garage de RWE, donde fueron quitados sus cadenas.

La fin de semana antes, otras acciones de resistencia directa contra la mina de lignito sucedieron: Habia un bloqueo imenso llamado „Ende Gelände

Only last week-end, other actions of prostest and direct resistance against lignite mining had taken place: There was a mass blockade called ‚Ende Gelände‘ and a sequence of train blockades against the ‚Hambachbahn‘. The stock price of the energy company RWE has dropped to the lowest level since twenty five years. „The energy giant is sinking“, one activist comments on the situation. „It does not make any sense to go on destroying habitat and emitting incredible amounts of carbon dioxide using the stone-age-technology of lignite combustion, only to save a single company from their own mistakes‘ consequences.“

The material cost of these direct actions caused to RWE are not a side effect, but their goal. „Our generation is expected to accept the consequences of false decisions taken fourty years ago. Calling this a democratic process would be eyewashing“, is how one of the activists explains their motivation. „For decades RWE has ignored all arguments in the conflict of lignite mining: climate change, destruction of land, health problems, expropriations, subsidies and countless other problems are accepted, as long as the company has sufficient power and earns enough profit from the destruction. In order to protect ourselves and future generations from this, we have no other options than attacking these profits by means of direct action.“